Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | November 30, 2011

Isolation from the Competition: Making It Happen

We all understand that you need to bring something unique to the table when looking for a career opportunity; otherwise you may fail to intrigue prospective employers from the start and they may move on without you.Jobs

This means that the key is to engage them from the commencement of your conversation. You need to strive to establish a quality first impression, which correlates to a degree of credibility, honesty and transparency. This will help generate a positive way of classifying you as a candidate from the beginning of your discourse with a prospective employer. A candidate can potentially facilitate an optimistic and encouraging mentality in their minds, which should ideally carry over to the actual interview.

Listed below are ideas and potential avenues to achieve a quality conversation from the start.

  1. Be accommodating when scheduling the interview. Try to work within the parameters of times that they suggest will work. Sometimes this doesn’t always happen, but at least try to make this a become a reality. This will document that you understand they have extremely busy schedules and in a sense, that their time is more valuable than you own. Hopefully this leads them to think you are a team player and utilitarian from the onslaught.
  2. Go out of your way to ask how they and the entire business are doing. This will create a cordial and hospitable relationship, prior to actually meeting in person for the interview. By suggesting that you are more concerned about the overall mission of the business, than the potential position you may have within the company, you allow them to see your unselfish personality.
  3. If you cannot answer their call immediately, make sure to call them back momentarily. Sometimes you are unable to answer phone calls at the time of the call itself, which is completely understandable. However, when you are dealing with prospective employers and opportunities, you want to make sure to communicate with them as soon as possible. This will demonstrate that you are truly interested in working for the company and have a desire to find employment. It also documents a degree of organization, confidence and credibility by returning their call immediately.
  4. Verify that the interview is still convenient for the scheduled date and time. This will illustrate your flexible personality and willingness to compromise. It will also exemplify your professional demeanor and ability to remain accommodating, which may potentially lead to eventually being asked to join the team.
  5. Ask for meticulous details about the interview and location, so that you convey intelligence. This will help ensure that you arrive on time and are prepared for the interview as well. It will also showcase your attention to detail and ability to work within a high paced environment, which requires extensive focus on the details on a day-to-day basis.
  6. Show up early for the interview and dress professionally. This will help indicate how you will behave if you are eventually hired. It will also allow the potential employer to see the value you can bring to the organization and your willingness to come prepared.
  7. Practice sample interview questions and be prepared for anything they may ask you to do. This may include writing tests, conversations about the business mantra of the particular company you are interviewing at and even niche requirements that may be tied to a specific discipline.
  8. Bring supporting materials such as your portfolio, references, business cards, writing samples and additional resumes, even if they don’t request you to bring them along. This also conveys organization and utter preparation, along with confidence and transparency.
  9. After the interview – let them know that you appreciated their time and ask if they need anything additional on your behalf.
  10. Continue applying for opposing opportunities and don’t assume anything with previous engagements.

We all know how difficult the job market can be in a recession, although don’t be discouraged and continue being persistent. Remain optimistic and continue striving for a position that will align with your personal perspective. Best of luck and never give up; the ideal job is hopefully right around the corner and persistence is always a smart approach.

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