Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | June 9, 2011

The Nature of the World Wide Web

A world-wide division?

People scattered throughout the world are obviously going to have different advantages regarding access to the Internet. It can be relatively dependent on economic security in a specific country. I also believe it can correlate to personal capital that each particular member of society has on hand.World Wide Web

Interestingly enough, approximately 51 percent of U.S. households have access to broadband and pay nearly $45 a month. Contrast that with South Korea, where 94 percent of homes browse the Internet at a dismal $37 per month. Not to mention, download speeds are on average eight times quicker in South Korea.

However I cannot help but contemplate if this is a democratic and justified approach to technology. Shouldn’t we all have the ability to access the World Wide Web, regardless of how secure we are regarding our personal finances? I also believe there could even be a uniform price for net distribution throughout the world.

This is another difficulty regarding technology. It can be extremely expensive to afford, especially when you need to perpetually pay a fee for utilization. In an ideal world, everyone would have unlimited access to the World Wide Web, but we need to remain realistic in the consumer-driven world that we live in.

It has even been documented that having the ability to surf the Internet enables individuals to become more intelligent. Intelligence can then translate into more job opportunities and a sense of well-being. With more people becoming smarter as a result of having access to technology, is it in a sense creating more division than unification throughout the world?

Obviously I recognize that technology has extensive advantages that will linger on for years to come. However at the same time, could it potentially be detrimental to society as a whole? I consider myself to be a utilitarian and as such, I find it quite discouraging that certain individuals will never have access to the Internet, regardless of how motivated they are.

This is why I believe we need to be more net neutral throughout the world. We need to establish a utilitarian approach that allows certain individuals, who happen to be less fortunate to access the World Wide Web. It will be beneficial to the world citizenry and make us a bit smarter in the long run.

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