Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | April 26, 2011

Detroit: The Motor City

The census revealed that Detroit’s population fell 25% in ten years, equaling 250,000 and the equivalency of 1 person every 22 minutes. The mayor will challenge the recent numbers in light of it directly impacting the cities federal funding.

Detroit, Michigan

This thriving metropolis was once the firth largest city in the United States, but has continued to dwindle in population as the manufacturing industry has declined. With more and more people moving out of Detroit, the city is virtually abandoned in some areas. Is this a public relations nightmare or an opportunity to revitalize? We all realize how resilient the city is, although perpetual hard-ache can lead to discouragement and a lack of consolidated effort on a local governmental level.

However, I have noticed an increased number of advertisements showcasing The Motor City, but will it be enough to transform the distressed state of Detroit into an appealing place to call home?

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