Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | April 2, 2011

Music: The Universal Solvent

Music is a great way to energize your soul and commence picasso musicthe weekend. It can even provide inspiration and a degree of motivation that encourages someone to push the envelop in a positive capacity. It can be ideal for working out and passing the time with friends and family. Especially music that has an emotional element that human beings can personally relate to.

I also realize that everyone has an innate perspective when it comes to music. However, regardless of what you choose to listen to — it is universal. To a certain extent, it is a thread that runs through all cultures, genders, political orientations, religious affiliations and even variations in age. It provides a gateway to the past and a door to the future via the sounds that are concentrated and merged together; some artists have a contemporary sound and others have a more traditional approach to creating music.

We all enjoy music and appreciate the artistic nature of it. We live in a diverse world and everyone should have a diverse understanding when it comes to music in my opinion. The world is full of sounds, so how about expand your own personal horizon with a few artists you may not be familiar with.

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt This Place | Toronto, Canada: Indie Folk
Deadmau5 – Some Chords | Toronto, Canada: Electronic
The Dears – Omega Dog | Quebec, Canada: Indie
TV On The Radio – Will Do | Brooklyn, New York: Indie Rock
Arcade Fire – Wake Up | Montreal, Canada: Indie Rock
Cold War Kids – Audience | Long Beach, California: Indie
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs | Montreal, Canada: Indie Rock
Maximum Balloon – Tiger | New York City: Dance, Hip-Hop, Electronic
Grinderman – Palaces of Montezuma | London, UK Alternative Rock, Folk
Bright Eyes – Shell Games | Omaha, Nebraska: Indie Rock
Phoenix – 1901 | Versailles, France: Alternative Rock
Say Hi – November Was White, December Was Grey | Seattle, Washington: Indie
Cold War Kids – Royal Blue | Long Beach, California: Indie
Crystal Castles – Not In Love | Toronto, Canada: Electronic
Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait | Montreal, Canada: Indie Rock
Adele – Someone Like You | London, UK: Singer, Songwriter
Dom – Living In America | Europe: Collective
Hockey – 3 am Spanish | Portland, Oregon: Indie Rock

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