Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | February 12, 2011

AOL and the Huffington Post Merge

AOL could be classified as an eminent victim of the death of the Internet dial-up system. However, AOL will now work in tandem with the Huffington Post, an organization that could potentially become the future of online news media production and overall content distribution.AOL Huffington Post

I am assuming that the partnership will be beneficial for both sides of the equation, although time will tell if the circumstances yield results, which both entities happen to be striving for. With increasing numbers of citizen journalists, it has become more difficult for quality news sources to release information that people continually read. It has also turned into a 24-hour news cycle, in which information is perpetually disseminated, regardless of what time it happens to be.

This is specifically accentuated with social media. People are constantly expressing themselves via Twitter and Facebook, which includes information that concerns current events. This makes it increasingly difficult for individuals to be interested in going directly to the Huffington Post for example.

There is also currently an influx of blogs that focus on a wide-array of topics, which the Huffington Post highlights. Along with this, it has become more challenging to decipher quality information, especially with the plethora of content that is produced on a daily basis. Obviously there are quality citizen journalists, but with more and more content being authored, it has become increasingly difficult for the Huffington Post and AOL for example, which could be the logic behind the transformation for both companies.

The Huffington Post serves as a news aggregate and disseminates information from a collection of sources. They have perpetually been described as left-leaning and compared to the Drudge Report. The Drudge Report is an aggregate of blog posts and assorted information that is concentrated under one centralized location, and is often classified as being on the right side of the equation.

As a result, the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report may become rivals down the line, with one side of the equation favoring one or the other. Time will be the only indication and I am interested to see if the partnership between the Huffington Post and AOL will yield significant results.

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