Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | January 26, 2011

The Lasting Implications of an Internship

As cliché as it sounds – one should never underestimate the importance of an internship. Not only can it be a resume builder, but it can also be an enjoyable experience and a way to enhance your social skJob Opportunities ills in a professional environment.

There is obviously extensive pressure to maintain a degree of professionalism when working an internship. However employers understand that the intent of an internship is to prepare interns for the work they will focus on down the line. This can be part of the initial struggle with an intern, because it is such a fresh experience and they have no frame of reference from previous jobs.

I can attest to this myself and was relatively trepidacious about my first internship. I strived to establish myself as motivated, organized, intelligent, focused and accommodating. This can be challenging though, due to the fast-paced ambience of a job.

Even amidst the highly scrutinized circumstances of an internship, one can truly harness and become more proficient with their skills. These acquired skills will become more prevalent and applicable as they look for extended employment opportunities after completing their educational journey.

We have all heard that networking can lead to prospective opportunities, especially if you produce quality work during the duration of your employment. In my opinion it is critical to gain valuable experience while still attending college and an internship provides such an avenue. It can be difficult especially with class and your social obligations, but consider the lasting implications before discarding the potential for an internship.

You can always find time to rekindle friendships and complete your homework, and in all honesty, you are trying to generate a more optimistic future and an internship is a smart vehicle to get the expedition started. It may seem tedious and tiresome at the moment, although in the long run you will understand and hopefully appreciate the value. Who knows you may even encourage others to participate in an internship program during their college tenure.

Not to mention an internship can also cultivate a proactive approach to your educational foundation, and hopefully it helps propel you to a monopoly of opportunities after graduation. I have always thought that one can learn something in a classroom, but actually applying it to an organizations’ missions and goals can be completely different.

In my humble opinion you need to bring both sides of the equation to the table. A solid groundwork from college helps, but you also need to showcase your ability to utilize these skills in an actual organizational setting. If you can become proficient in both areas – the classroom and the tangible working world, I would say your potential for success is quite great.

Moreover it is ideal to discover the balance between both sides of the equation. College provides you with a substantial frame of reference regarding the concepts, approach and overall mantra of a particular discipline. However intellectual information isn’t necessarily applied or encouraged to be used within a job itself. This is why I believe internships are the heart of finding fulfilling options after completion of your college degree.

All-in-all students should remain realistic and motivated regarding their prospective opportunities. It is all about making smart decisions along the way, which can ultimately lead to achievement in the future. I would classify internships as a competent choice while educating oneself. I would truly recommend this approach to all college students looking to brighten their future, especially with a majority of businesses offering internship opportunities. Discover something that correlates to your degree and enjoy the chance to utilize your educational background.


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  2. Great post! You’re absolutely right that internships are so important to career progress

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