Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | December 27, 2010

Our Human Responsibility in the World — Part 2

Part 2: Our Human Responsibility

They are unable to vote, which makes sense because they cannot reason at the level that humans can. However Singer encourages us to extend to other species the basic principles of equality that most of us recognize. I completely agree, because human beings want to be treated with the utmost degree of equality as well. Who knows, if animals did have the ability to express themselves, I am sure they would want the same set of circumstances.World

From another angle, women have a fundamental right to voice their opinion that is accomplished through voting in political elections, which Singer illustrates. This provides them with the capable to make rationalized decisions based on their personal preference regarding citizens striving for political office. A responsibility that is only allocated to human beings that can decipher information and formulate opinions based on their personal perspective. As human beings, we all need to be able to vote, which leads me to agree with Singer even more.

Having the aptitude to reason has provided the basis for equality between men and women. We are more closely aligned than we think, even with the animal kingdom. This should enable us to treat everyone with respect, regardless of whether or not you are an animal or human being. Take the time to see yourself from an animal’s perspective, wouldn’t you want everyone to be treated with respect, regardless of your capability to reason and make sense of it all?

Peter Singers’ Article: All Animals are Equal

Peter Singers’ Article: <a title=”All Animals are Equal” href=”; target=”_blank”>All Animals are Equal </a>

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