Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | December 27, 2010

A Birthday Tribute

Sometimes there are people in your life that enable you to succeed. They push you to remain persistent, motivated, optimistic and cheerful along the way. G & G

Regardless of the setbacks and hardships that they happen to encounter, it doesn’t seem to discourage them. They continue trying with a smile on their face; pushing through the complications that life seemingly presents at the most unpredictable times.

This effort cannot help but influence the friends and family that look to them for guidance. They speak from experience and have extensive advice to offer those who are willing enough to listen. Just remember, sometimes in life we all need an ounce of counsel to understand the vast uncertainty that we may face at some point.

This knowledge doesn’t necessarily correlate to old age either, as you may have assumed I was suggesting. The awareness is enabled through a wide array of experiences and circumstances that have helped shape the type of person that they are today.

They inspire us to treat others with respect, admiration and utmost compassion. This passed on mentality provides lasting implications, which generally remain central to an individual’s personal characteristics for years to come.

Moreover, these individuals always look out for the best interest of their family and friends. They are far from selfish and would do anything for anyone, especially the individuals they are overtly close to.

This is comforting to know and helps provide stability. It has been a reality for a majority of us gathered here today as well. Sometimes they even support us without being asked to. This is even more impressive and seems to go above and beyond our expectations.

I cannot help but contemplate if I would even be here if it wasn’t for their generosity. This alone illustrates their infinite degree of care, because they sacrificed their lives for the benefit of others through the adoption of five caring individuals.

However today is only for honoring one individual (sorry Grandma) — whether he is your father, grandfather, great-grandfather or father-in-law, we can all acknowledge the extensive support that he has provided throughout our lives. He hasn’t asked for anything in return either, only for us to return the favor to the individuals we choose to surround ourselves with.

On this special occasion, we should all show our appreciation and love for such a special individual who has always pushed us to succeed. He has always been there to support us and hopefully we can return the favor by the fashion in which we treat others.

Happy birthday Grandpa and as difficult as it may seem, take the day to be as selfish as possible and put us all to work! We are all fortunate to be here and it is nice to have us together once again for such a momentous occasion. You only turn 80 once in a lifetime and just remember – as far as I am concerned, you don’t look a day over 40!


  1. Absolutely loved this tribute to Dad on his birthday. Every word came from your heart and it is all very true. Great job Ryan!

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