Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | December 24, 2010

Our Human Responsibility in the World

Part 1: Our Human Responsibility

As human beings, we have a fundamental responsibility to interrupt the world around us. We also have an obligation to decipher how people treat others, who may potentially be different than we are. We cannot help the innate mentality that we are born with or the physical characteristics that we inherit from our parents.World

As a result, it is imperative to treat others with the utmost degree of respect and admiration, regardless of personal variations which may include: gender, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion and culture. I mean after all, ‘All Animals Are Equal’ and I tend to agree with a majority of the information that Peter Singer presents.

For example, Singer points out that there is a case for equality between men and women that cannot be extended to opposing animals. I completely agree and realize that human beings are the most sophisticated animals that have graced the speck of dust that we call Earth. We differ from monkeys, beetles, alligators and bears for example, which is easily recognized and determined by our ability to make sense of the world surrounding us.

I would also assume that Singer feels the same way, based on the title of his article. However the only difference between us and opposing animals is that we can truly examine, while actual animals are somewhat oblivious. Moreover, the monopoly of animals that live in harmony with us cannot intellectually examine the world, which sets us apart from them in terms of mental capacity. As a result, human beings to some extent have a responsibility to care for them and utilize them in whatever manner we see fit.

However I cannot help but contemplate if this is a democratic approach to current circumstances. If we are animals by definition as well, should we be instilled with the ability to use our better judgment to control their lives? Some we choose to eat and others, who seem to be more fortunate, are invited into our homes as personal pets. Just because they cannot express their thoughts with tangible communication, should we be left to determine how they would like to live?

Peter Singers’ Article: All Animals are Equal

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