Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | November 25, 2010

The Traffic Trends of Thanksgiving

The American Automobile Association predicted that 38.4 million Americans traveled 50 or more miles from home over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend last year. This begs to question if individuals will travel as frequently over the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I would assume so, but it is generally difficult to predict the habitual activities of human beings.

I would even compare it to the nature of the economic system. Even if an educated guess is presented and thoroughly investigated, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the initial hypothesis will be correct. This is actually occurring right now with the sovereign-debt crisis in Ireland. The effects have rippled and are drastically dragging down the Asian markets.

This illustrates that the economic arena is more closely aligned throughout the world than one may think. It is dynamic and perpetually ripples to opposing systems that seem to have limited correlation. However even with financial and economic concerns at the forefront of the American discourse, it is easy to assume that individuals will still trek to their various destinations for family interaction. I mean after all, Thanksgiving revolves around showing appreciation for those that have propelled you to success.

Interestingly enough in 2008, Thanksgiving travel dropped a precipitous 25.2 percent in light of the housing and financial crisis that drastically affected both markets respectively. The substantial increase in travel has been linked to improved consumer confidence, heightened financial market performance and a mentality that the global economic crisis has dissipated for good.

Regardless of what your plans are for Thanksgiving, it is important that we all arrive in a safe fashion. Take the time to remain conscious of your safety, because we all want our loved ones to remain safe on this highly traveled holiday.

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