Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | October 24, 2010

Voice Your Own Political Opinion!

Politics: Form your own opinion! Aside from the political wonks and talking heads that we see illustrating their thoughts on a daily basis.



  1. so with in recent events, we have seen some political remarks such as lybias defence and japans disasters. but to put it into perspective. what i beleive we need to do is stop pointing fingers and start doing something. why is obama getting blamed we need to take charge and take down lybias defence and get them squared away. Put your self in lybias shoes the people obviously feel “taken over”. Ask your self (What if i didnt have a choice?) Really. so we need to be the leaders that we have been sought out to be. Remember we are all equal thats what makes this country so great and for us to give up in what ever way is in my opinion “cowardly” so lets stand as a nation and get in there and stop this once for all. wheres the peace? in all this. and why is there so many dictations. its not that hard. figure it out. because if you put it like this. if libia came over here. we would not stand for that. but since its somewhere else we can just “let it go”. there are innocent people at stake. scared for there lives. and i know obama can make this change along with Mrs. clinton. “me” as an american citizen….I beleive in this country and beleive we can take the “bull by the horns” and set everything stright. so lets come together and “fight” for whats right and to get things right…. this is just an opinion Hopefully one that matters……Who knows?


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