Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | October 2, 2010

The Nature of Social Media Marketing

I was recently asked how I would define the nature of social media and social marketing. As a result, I pondered what social media means to me and how I would specifically describe it. All-in-all, I personally think that social media defies definition and overall classification, because in a sense it comes down the approach that people uSocial Media Nowse.

However, I am sure there are people scattered throughout the world who would think differently and express the conceivable way to conduct social media in their own mind. But I think that is part of the intrigue of social media–that everyone has their own way of establishing their approach and new media perspective, which cannot be challenged in a sense.

Some individuals use it for personal networking and other people utilize it for professional purposes. Regardless of the reason, businesses and individuals cannot seem to isolate themselves from joining the celebration and expressing themselves through digital avenues.

I am not sure if this question has ever come to your own mind, but if you are fortunate enough to be involved in social networking, I think it is important to understand your own personal characterization.

Without taking the time to depict your understanding of what you are accomplishing, why are you ultimately doing it? Shouldn’t we be able to illustrate our perception of social media and the goals we are striving for, regardless of if it is for personal or professional principles?

Nonetheless, my categorization of social media and the nature of digitalization is included below. Please feel free to share your own definition and commence the conversation with the individuals you continually interact with.

Social media is all about the exchange of information; it also involves the concept of ideas being shared, amidst people who couldn’t have connected in the traditional world. Take advantage of the technological revolution and start networking for yourself.

It is often said that you never know until you try and social media fits the structural mold. Nonetheless, listed below is how I would define social media. As always, keep in mind that social media is up to your own interpretation.

Personally, I would define social media as an attempt to connect with a niche portion of the population, which utilizes digital channels of communication. These individuals were formally unavailable and couldn’t have been harnessed through traditional marketing avenues.

This day and age, it has become increasingly important to reach out to these individuals, especially in light of the expansion of social networking. Social platforms now grant businesses the ability to accomplish this with ease. By establishing more transparency and openness, companies can ultimately harness potential customers that were previously unattainable.

Now that you understand the definition in accordance with my perspective, create your own definition and establish your personal social media platform. As cliché as it sounds, you never truly know, until you try.

Image Source: Google — Justin


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