Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | October 1, 2010

The Future of Medical Treatment?

A Somewhat Surprising Development with Lasting ImplicationsEarth in Crisis 

Using hydrogen sulfide, a chemical that humans and other animals naturally produce in their bodies, scientists have successfully induced hibernation in mammals, putting mice into a state of suspended animation for up to six hours before “bringing them back to normal life.” Further research could lead to medical advances in cancer treatment, trauma care, organ transplantation and potentially even interplanetary travel. 

This could potentially revolutionize the nature of health care, medicine and even education as far as I am concerned. If people could literally be suspended in a state of hibernation, their lives could momentarily be slowed down. I guess time will tell if the research yields the results that people may be hoping for, although I shouldn’t jump to conclusions and assume that everyone would be satisified with such information. However for the time-being, I guess it is beneficial to be aware of.


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