Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | September 22, 2010

5 Job Search Tips

Job seekers need to remain confident and optimistic. They also need to understand that they will eventually find an opportunity they truly enjoy. It may be challenging to continue pursuing a job, but don’t give up; there are good days ahead.

Job Market

Nonetheless, as the touch economic state continues to meander, I thought it would be an ideal time to suggest ideas for seizing that perfect job, which you have all been diligently striving for.

1. Send out as many resumes as possible. Don’t let failure set you back and please continue applying for jobs. I understand that it may be tough, especially when none of the jobs you are applying for are yielding results. I have always thought this is the most difficult part though, because once you are asked in for an interview, you in a sense have control over the conversation. Don’t let it get you down either—just look at it this way, if they don’t want you, it is their loss.

2. Create a LinkedIn account. I would say that LinkedIn is the most beneficial for career professionals and those looking for employment. Not only because you can connect with potential employers and individuals that work at these companies, but also because there are specific jobs listed on the site. In addition, LinkedIn offers groups that consist of individuals in similar professions; seek out an individual that is in a comparable field and see if they have any advice. You can even start a forum and hopefully engage a discourse regarding potential opportunities. It is also free and allows people to find you—not the other way around.

3. Ask for feedback on your resume, references and supporting materials. Everyone thinks their resume is the greatest show in the world. However, wouldn’t you agree that most people are biased towards their own personal presentation? Please keep in mind—that it never hurts to have another person have a glimpse into your world; that way they can see it from your perspective and hypothetically decide if they would consider you for an opportunity, based on your resume and supporting resources.

4. Create different resumes for different opportunities. Don’t merely send the same resume to every single job that you apply for. Make sure you are highlighting the skills that are actually requested and documented on the job description. If you fail to do this from the start, you will more than likely not even be asked in for an interview. Remember, that is the critical element—once you are in front of the hiring managers, the ball is literally in your court and you have the utmost ability to impress them. This even involves adjusting the cover letter and making sure it correlates to the job specifically as well.

5. Personalize your resume and cover letter to juxtapose it with that of the company. This may seem obvious, but make sure you include the information about the company that is available. This day in age, basically every single company has a website. Make sure you go to their website and do your homework, prior to the interview itself. This way you will know more about the company, specifically what they do and where you fall into the equation.

In a sense, you are attempting to generate a prescription for the company, because you literally want to be the remedy to solve all their problems and create an ecosystem where everything works cohesively. This will not only benefit the company in the long run, but may also benefit you in the future regarding the potential for career advancement.

Hopefully these recommendations are helpful. However, I am sure you will discover something that helps you specifically. Just don’t give up and always continue trying to find something that will make you ultimately happy.

Not only regarding prospective employment, but in life in general. Never settle and always keep pushing yourself until you achieve results that are you can be truly comfortable with. I understand it can be difficult, but utilize the people around you; they are more than willing to help and can ultimately enable you along the way.

Image Credit: The Pongo Blog — November 5, 2008


  1. This is nice post but you may include some more ideas in the same theme. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

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