Posted by: Ryan Schoenefeld | July 13, 2010

Will Advancing Technology Destroy Communication?

I remember a more simple and un-embellished time, even unpretentious as far as I am concerned. A time when people weren’t constantly updating their Twitter accounts, communicating with their friends via Facebook, staring at a small screen with intrigue and arguably isolating themselves from the tangible world. Kandinsky Image

Personally, I cannot judge because I constantly fall into this trap and even find myself updating various social platforms simultaneously. Even though I continually use social media, I can still see the potential for digitalization to destroy the nature of interpersonal communication.

With individuals constantly expressing themselves through digital channels, will they even be able to connect with people on a personal level, aside from the barriers of digital concealment?

Furthermore, with more and more people utilizing innovative technology, we will eventually see the destruction of personal communication skills? What do you think? Have you ever considered this possibility?

I am not sure if this question has ever come into your own mind, but I thought it was a valid one to consider.

Anyways, this day and age it is hard to go anywhere without seeing evidence of digitalization. We cannot seem to escape the social and technological revolution, even if we try. Whether it’s an I-Pod, I-Phone, I-Pad, Blackberry or opposing personal hand-held device — people just cannot seem to function without a constant connection to the multi-media world.

Moreover, individuals have the ability to stay in contact with people like never before. At the same time, we continue to ride the wave towards increased technology and maximized innovation. Time will only tell what will happen and where the road of technology will ultimately head.

I am by no means questioning the advancement of technology; I am merely pondering the end result of this new obsession. Will there be a down side or will it remain optimistic?

Can we continue down the road and maintain the yielding of benefits for society? Or will the reality of communication amongst individuals be eventually tarnished?

Please join the on-going conversation and let me know what you think.


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